Development and philosophy of our company

For almost 75 years we have produced trees and shrubs for the Business-to-customer sale on our 16 ha cultivation area in Ammerland.


As the first producer in Ammerland, Bremer Container Baumschulen started the growing of plants in containers and large pots in 1974. Due to the success we produce only potted plants today.


The range of what we offer includes popular conifers such as Abies balsamea `Kiwi´ and Pinus pumilio and many varieties of Rhododendron and Azalea. Our license type Rhododendron Germania® is one of them.

High quality deciduous woods, solitary grasses, solitary ferns, and hardy bamboo in about 20 varieties complete our assortment.




20 specialized workers help to keep every process of producing plants fast and efficient, from the cultivation to the barcode labeling of our products. We have professional advice and on time delivery that you can count on.






Allow us to convince you of the quality of our products and the power of our Green Team.

Whenever you want you can visit us at Bremer Container Pflanzen in the Ammerland.