Rhododendron INKARHO-scented hedge ®

The first truely-rooted reproduced INKARHO-Type: Compact growth, for solitary usage or as an evergreen hedge.

The buds are intensively lilac, the opened flowers are creme-coloured with a green centre and a tiny green pattern of lines on the flower leaves. The margins are slightly rose-lilac shaded.

Flowering Time: First half of May

Blossoms: Ball-shaped, single flowers are close to each other

Shape of single blossom: Funnel-shaped with a waved edge

Length of leaves: 7.0 bis 16.6 cm

Width of leaves: 2.7 bis 7.0 cm

Growth: Widely upright, branches are close together
Height: After 20 years about 170 cm x 170 cm

Parental generation: Female - Rhod. fortunei, Male - Cunningham’s White

Winter hardiness: to - 25° C

Characteristics: Fragrant flowers

Rhododendron INKARHO-Dufthecke ®

Rhododendron INKARHO-Dufthecke ®

Rhododendron INKARHO-Dufthecke ®