Cortaderia selloana Comet ®

Novelty: White-striped Cortaderia

Europe-wide trademarked novelty of Bremer Container Baumschulen in Westerstede, originally from South America.

Tuft-like with highly overtowering flower culms.

Average height: Leaves 80 cm, flower culms 200 cm

Lanceolate, sharp-edged, overhanging; green with a thin shite stripe, a very expressiveattractive eyecatcher because of the contrast, winter-green.

Big, cream-coloured and feather-like panicles on tight stalks, flowers from September to October.

Sunny, warm, sufficiently aired and nutritient-rich soil; fresh in the summer, dry during winter.

Usage: In front of walls, for grit beds; for floristic usage.

Special hint: Dry winter protection recommendable.

Cortaderia selloana Comet

Cortaderia selloana Comet

Cortaderia selloana Comet

Only true with this label!