Chamaecyparis lawsoniana in Sorten im C 5

Thuja occidentalis Columna Hübner im C 5

Pinus Veredlungen in verschiedenen Sorten im C 5

We can offer you a large assortment of high-quality conifers.

For example, we can offer over 20.000 Pinus mugo pumilio and mughus in pot sizes 2 litres to 10 litres. They are kept pruned in a nice, compact shape. Other plants in our assortment include Araucaria, Chamaecyparis, Sciadopytis, 10 different varieties of Taxus, and many more. Come and have a look...

Thuja occidentalis Teddy

Thuja occ. Columna Hübner

Pinus mugo Pumilio 15-20, 25-30 und 40-50

Sciadopytis verticillata

Sciadopytis verticillata

Thuja occidentalis Danica

Pinus mugo Mughus im C 5

Pinus mugo Pumilio im C 5